High Quality Almond Milk Processing Plant

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customizable Machinery
  • Copper wired motors
  • 100*100 meters area required

With years of experience in manufacturing milk processing plants, we have earned a great reputation in the industry. 

We Are The Leading Manufacturers Of Almond Milk Processing Plant

Nk Dairy Equipments is a manufacturer of machines, equipment, and processing plants for producing almond milk. We offer a comprehensive solution for the production of almond milk, including formulations that have proven successful on the market. Nk Dairy Equipments has developed this plant for consumers who desire a low-calorie, non-dairy, non-soy beverage. This product is better than all commercially available alternatives and contains no additives that increase calorie content. The beverage prepared from whole almonds and supplemented with vitamins and calcium has an unmistakable almond flavor. Depending on the customer’s preference, almond milk can be prepared with whole almonds, blanched almonds, almond paste, etc. The issue is to ensure that all of the almond milk’s raw materials are utilized and nothing is wasted. The machinery required depends on the input raw material to be utilized and the desired packaging type. Multiple packaging solutions are available: bottle, carton, or pouch for refrigerated storage and distribution; aseptic pouch, carton, or bottle, or retort pouch, bottle, or can for ambient storage and distribution.

How To Formulate The Right Almond Milk With Our Plant?

Right formulations for almond milk are crucial for obtaining the lowest cost per unit volume while maintaining product quality in terms of body, mouthfeel, flavor, and shelf life.Almond milk is popular plant milk across the globe because of its tremendous health benefits. Almond milk is manufactured by simply blending a bunch of almonds together along with water. Whatever is left after straining is your almond milk. It has a very nutty flavor to it and its texture is very similar to that of regular milk. Also, it is a popular choice among vegan people and those who avoid consuming dairy. Almond milk is easily available these days in supermarkets. Additionally, it is also very easy to make at home. However, commercial almond milk comes in a variety of flavors. Many brands incorporate calcium or other vitamins in almond milk. If someone does not consume dairy, he or she should go for almond milk that contains calcium.

Industrial Milk Production Process

Here are some steps that are followed during the industrial milk production process. Grinding: almonds and water are added to a colloid mill and then they are ground to get the almond milk. The water to the almond ratio used is around 10:1. Mixing and screening: the next step is mixing and screening where the almond milk is sieved via a 200 mesh sieve. Additives and preservatives are added depending on the processing technology and then the almond milk is again blended together. Sterilization: The next step is sterilization where the almond milk is sterilized to ensure food sanitation and safety. Filling: Finally, in this step, the almond milk is filled with the help of a filling machine in a bottle and then it is sealed. Almond milk is rich in 18 amino acids, several vitamins, potassium, proteins, zinc, calcium, selenium, iron and other minerals.

Why Use Nk Dairy Equipment?

Many features are added to the machines to cater to all the needs while producing almond milk. In order to help dairy businesses make the most out of their innovation, we offer unique solutions. NK dairy equipment makes its milk plants cater to all your needs