Butter Churn or Churner

Butter Churner Power Driven 50/100/200/500 LPH


( 50 Ltr/ 100 Ltr/ 200 Ltr/ 500 Ltr )
Capacity 50 Ltr/ 100 Ltr/ 200 Ltr/ 500 Ltr
Cream loaded with approx 25L/ 50L/ 120L/350L having 40-45% Cap
Output of butter per batch (kg) Approx. 12/20/50/250
Chilled water (from 100 bank system) 1.5 Deg. Cent.
Pasteurized chilled water 5 Deg.Cent.
Electricity 440 V, AC.


FINISH: All welding joints will be ground smoothly. Interior surface of the butter churn would be sand blasted. Exterior surface would be circle-polished.

JOINTS CURVATURE : The inside radii of all welded and permanent attachment joints would be at least 6mm where the cone portion or the dished end joints the cylindrical portion of the drum of butter churn, the radius would be less than 25mm.

SCOPE OF SUPPLY CHURNING BARREL BEATERS : The churning barrel and beaters would be fabricated from stainless steel conforming to AISI 304. The beaters should ensure uniform distribution of salt and moisture during the working phase- 1 unit.

DRIVE : The drive arrangement would consist of reduction gear box & electric motor of 1 H.P. and the RPM of Butter Churn will be 40 RPM.

DRIVE SUPPORT: The Butter Churn would be supported on mild steel legs made from pipes which would rest on a RCC floor/foundation.


SPRAY PIPE: Stainless steel (AISI 304) spray pipe over the churn for spraying chilled water when the churn is in operation. The inlet to the spray pipe would end in a complete stainless steel (AISI 304) union.- 1 No.

DOOR: Leak-proof hinged stainless steel (AISI 304) door with proper locking arrangement. It would be lockable in both open and closed positions. The door would be provided with synthetic rubber gasket of dairy standard- 1 No.

BUTTER MILK DRAIN: 25mm diameter stainless steel (AISI 304) butter milk drain with blank union will be provided.

AIR RELEASE COOK: It would be press operable type.

END FLANGES: It would be made from steel with proper strengthening steel pads for coupling to the gear box on one side and to the bearing on other side.

PAINTING: All mild steel parts of the butter churn would be painted with a coat of epoxy primer followed by two coats of epoxy paint of approved make shade after through de-rusting.

TESTS: The following tests would be conducted by the us at our works. Water fill-up test of the churn for water tightness.

GENERAL NOTE: The drive machine would be fixed at right or left hand side. A written approval for R/H or L/H would be obtained from your office before fixing drive machine on churn drum.


Types and Uses of Butter Churn

Butter Churn is the Machine used to convert cream into butter. Butter Churning is a simple mechanical device for saving labor. And the types are:

  • Rocker Churns
  • Dash Churns
  • Wooden Barrel Churns
  • Glass Dazey Churns

Rocker Churns: Rocker Churns is an Improvement on the goatskin arrangement for making butter and it consists of a box, which is set on a rocker frame. It could be pushed on backward and forward easily.

Dash Churns: Dash churn is a simple process without using mechanical advantages. The dash Churn consists of Cylindrical wooden or stoneware tub with the wooden lid. The dash churn is also known as up and down churn and plunger churn.

Wooden Barrel Churns: This churn is consisting of a wooden box with handles that operating paddles. This paddle churn was popular for domestic purpose in many countries in the 19th to 20th century.

Glass Dazey Churn: It is also popular in a household in the 19th century. It is designed for small in Size. This glass Dazey churn is most popular in design and still in use.