Cheese Plant

Steps Used to Produce Cheese in Cheese Plant

Cheese is a dairy product that is used for flavoring foods around the world. This gives more taste when it is flavored. The cheese is like Paneer but with more moisture and salt. The cheese can be produced easily with the latest equipment in the industry. NK dairy equipment is one of the famous companies that provide dairy equipment with valuable cost. The milk is extracted from cows, goats, sheep, camels, and horses. With the help of consistency and texture in the milk different types of cheese are made. The various cheese types are soft cheese, hard cheese and blue cheese. In Cheese Plant, the following steps are followed to make the cheese Before making the cheese check the conditions of the milk and perform the heating and cooling process respectively.

  • The milk is then coagulated using the VAT equipment.
  • This coagulated milk is then added with rennet to make it as curd.
  • The curd is then coagulated and cut into pieces.
  • It is then heated and whey is drained.
  • The curd without water is then added with salt to form the cheese.
  • The cheese is formed after fermentation and cut into pieces to get the required shape.