Curd Machine / Yogurt Machine

Two Variants of Curd Machine

Heating curd machine available in 50 LTR, 100 LTR and 200 LTR

Heating and Cooling curd machine available in 50 LTR, 100 LTR, 200 LTR and 500 LTR


( 50 LTR/ 100 LTR/ 200 LTR )
  • Auto Control Panel
  • Auto Temperature
  • Controller
  • Ventilation Fan in built
  • Robust Design
  • Easy Function
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • Double walled – inner of Stainless Steel buff finish & exterior of G.I. /M.S. with epoxy powder coated finish
  • A gap between two filled with high grade mineral glass wool
  • Door full view double walled glass range ambient to 70°C accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • The outer door is insulation having inner S.S lining, fitter on brass chrome plated hinges
  • The unit is provided with manual tilting device
  • To be operated on 230 volts A.C supply
  • Shelves Quantity: THREE

Curd Making Machine 

Curd making machine is the best invention for the dairy farms as this machine can help the farmers and even the homemakers to make the curd instantly.

This machine has the inbuilt container with different capacities and the long electronic cord that automatically get fold while making no use of it. It is amazing product and have capacity for making curd in large quantity in the hygienic conditions along with retaining its quality.

Advantages of Curd Making Machine

There are various benefits of curd making machine as follows:

  • This machine is quite useful for farmers for making curd in large quantity
  • This machine saves the time as curd can be made instantly
  • Curd making under hygienic condition
  • Retained quality of milk and curd

Why NK Dairy Equipment?

NK Dairy Equipments have the wide range of the curd making machine manufactured with the top-notched technology. Bring driven by the skilled professionals that put their 100% efforts and utilize their best knowledge and skill to manufacture the best design that meet to the demands of clients.

All machines are supplied with the warranty and guarantee of used inbuilt material and its functioning so that durability and perfect functioning of the machine can be attained.


Cost for machine differs with different capacity and used material. NK Dairy offers the wide range of machines at the reasonable cost. Curd making machines are of three types cud making machine 50 LTR, 100 LTR and 200 LTR and the prices are quoted according to the capacity but pocket friendly.

Machines of Top quality with best standards of industry at less cost to achieve the utmost satisfaction of clients.

Features of Yogurt and Curd Making Machines:

Yogurt Machine: Yogurt is a dairy product. Yogurt gives high nutrition and immunity to health. Yogurt is available for a nearby market place with affordable price. The future of yogurt product is focused on developing new flavors with good taste. Yogurt machine is used for making yogurt with large quantity.
The features of the machine are really good. There are several types of yogurt machines are available in the market place, this all works in the same way. It is easy to use. The main job of the yogurt machine is to keep the yogurt mixture is heated with constant temperature for four to eight hours. In 2018 there are five best yogurt makers are:

  • Cuisinart CYM-100
  • Euro Cuisine YMX650
  • Euro Cuisine YM100
  • Dash Greek
  • Aroma AYM-606
These are the most wanted brands for making yogurt.

Curd Machine: The curd is used for health benefits. The curd is the rich for calcium and phosphorus and it helps to increase your immunity level. This curd making machine has many excellent features and good inbuilt structure. The features of the machine are

  • It has an auto control panel system.
  • Inbuilt automatic temperature controller.
  • Inbuilt fan for ventilation.
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean with less effort.
  • Robust design.
  • Operated with 230 volts AC supply.
  • Distribution of heat is evenly in Machine and more.

This curd making machine is used for farmers for making curd quickly. The cost of the machine is very less. There are three types of curd machine are available 50 LTR, 100 LTR and 200 LTR and the price are according to the capacity of the machine. But it is pocket-friendly.