Dahi Plant and Lassi Plant

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Nk dairy is one of the best Dahi plant manufacturers in India. Dahi is a cultured milk product that is popular all over India. Nk dairy has been in the business of manufacturing Dahi plant for more than 10 years now. They have a state-of-the-art plant that is equipped with the latest technologies. Nk dairy manufactures Dahi plant using great technology. We use only the best raw material in our Dahi plant, to ensure its quality. We also have a state-of-the-art processing facility that enables us to produce a large number of Dahi plants. There is no one Dahi Plant machine for great purposes. You can get here other Service Butter Plant .



Dahi & Lassi Plant Consist of Following Equipments:-

    • Standardization Vat. ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • Milk Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Homogenizer ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • P.H.E ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Innoculation Tank ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Curd Milk Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Manual Curd Packing System ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • SS Tray For Curd ( Size:18″x24″ )
    • SS Rack For Curd Tray ( Qty 50)
    • Incubation Room ( With Heating System & Size:-10’x10x10′ )
    • SS Lassi Churning Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • SS Lassi Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • P.H.E ( Cap:-500Lph.DAHI LASSI SECTION 500LPH )
    • Lassi Overhead Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • Lassi & Curd Pouch Packing Machine ( Filling Range 250ML to 500ML )
    • SS/MS/G.I Pipeline & Fitting )
    • Insulation of Pipeline )
    • Steam Boiler ( Cap:-100Kg/Hrs. & Wood Fired. )
    • Chilled Water Generator ( For water Cooling )
    • Electrical Pannel( Cable, Staters,Switchs,Cable Tray & Lights )
    • RO Plant )
    • Packing Material Store )
    • Lab Equipments. )
    • Milk Crates. )
    • Milk Cans (SS/All)
    • E.T.P Plant )
    • Hydraulic Lifter )
    • Extra Misc. Items )
    • Water Pipelines )

Why Choose Our Dahi Plant?

The dahi plant machine manufactured and supplied by us is known for superior quality, customized features, innovative functionalities, comprehensive range, cost-effectiveness, and so on. Backed by a team of qualified engineers, technology experts, and management staff, NK Dairy Equipments designs and manufactures Dahi Plant machinery using the best materials and components. So, our products are durable, efficient, and known for hygiene.

As one of the reputed Dahi Plant Manufacturers, we believe that every dairy operation is unique. And to make our products unique, the team at NK Dairy Equipments, works closely with you. They first understand your particular requirements and then design customized solutions to perfectly align with your production goals. The entire team is committed to delivering equipment customized to your specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity. 

Salient Features

Suitable Applications

The Dahi Plant designed by us is ideal for various applications and businesses. Choose them for small-scale dairy farms and milk processing units, medium-sized yogurt production facilities, large-scale industrial dairy operations, and food processing companies specializing in yogurt products. The equipment is also perfect for entrepreneurial ventures entering the dairy industry, research and development institutions focused on dairy product innovation, contract manufacturers offering private-label yogurt production, or restaurants, hotels, and catering services with in-house yogurt production.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in the dairy industry, NK Dairy Equipments manufactures and supplied Dahi Plant equipment that incorporates state-of-the-art technology, guaranteeing exceptional performance and precision in every stage of the milk-product-making process. With this machinery, you’re able to streamline your production, improve product consistency, and enhance overall operational efficiency.