Ghee Plant

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Ghee Plant Consist of Following Equipments:-

  • Butter Melting Vat ( Cap:-500Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Butter Oil Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Lph )
  • Prestratification Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Lph )
  • Ghee Boiler ( Cap:-500Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Ghee Balance Tank With Filter ( Cap:-100Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Ghee Settling Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Ghee Clarifier ( Cap:-500Lph )
  • Ghee Balance Tank ( Cap:-100Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Ghee Storage Tank ( Cap:-1500Ltr, Moc:-SS304 )
  • Ghee Packing System (Manual)( With Packing Table )
  • Cold Room ( Size 10’x10’x10′ )
  • With Ref Unit (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Steam Boiler ( Cap:-300Kg )
  • Wood-Fired ( with water Softner )
  • SS/MS/G.I PipeLine & Fittings
  • Insulation of Pipeline
  • MS Structure
  • Erection & Commissioning

Ghee Plant Working Model and Process Involved

Ghee is the most wanted Dairy product. The process of manufacturing ghee is begun with milk then the milk is converted into butter. The butter is converted into Ghee. You can get better service as well as Khoya machine

Milk > Butter > Ghee

The following accessories are used in ghee plan they are:

  • Scrapper type ghee agitator
  • Plug type ghee outlet valve
  • Ghee temperature indicator
  • The steam inlet valve and pressure indicator
  • Steam trap with isolation and bypass valve
  • Steam jacket safety valve
  • Legs support
  • Top cover

These are all the main equipment used in ghee plant for making quality Ghee. This plat has a unique thermostat that controls the temperature after the preparation process.

These are the routine maintenance followed by this plant they are mentioned below

  • Drain the water once a week.
  • Fill only soft water.
  • Check electric heater and thermostat.
  • Clean the tank from inside and outside after usage.