Mawa Machine or Khoya Making Machine

Purpose of Mawa Khoya Machine and It’s Characteristics

The Mawa Machine is one of the recipes making a machine from the dairy products. This machine is available in different capacities ranging from 20 liters to 1000 liters. The price of the machine also varies from a few thousand rupees to a few lakhs of rupees. The machine is very much easy to use and makes no noise.

Characteristics of Mawa Machine:

  • The machine can run even with heavy loads
  • The dairy products that are made in the machine taste unique
  • This product maintains the temperature of the dairy product
  • The machine can work lifelong



The machine is available in different models such as Diesel model, Gas model, Gas cum diesel model, Deluxe model and stainless steel model. The NK Dairy Equipment company provides different types of equipment like Mawa Machine, Khoya Machine or Khoya Making Machine and many others. The cost of the machine is less and also the machine comes with various storage capacities. Using this machine you can also make other recipes like burfi, basundi, and many others. This machine maintains the taste of the dairy item perfectly for years.

We are high quality Khoya Machine manufacturers. The uniqueness involved in this machine is that it can automatically change the temperature depending on the weight of the milk. Our Khoya machiner is designed with advanced techniques and equipments. These machines use to make round shaped balls after heating milk or milk solids or cream in the furnace.