Paneer Plant or Paneer Making Machines

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High performance Paneer making machines

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customizable Machinery
  • Copper wired motors
  • Lowest price
  • Best quality machines used

If you are into offering paneer into the market, we have a solution for quick and easy paneer making. You will now not have to tackle the hassle of making paneer manually, but the machine will help make the entire process easy.

Paneer plant consist of following equipment:-

    • Paneer Vat ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • Milk Transfer Pump ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • P.H.E ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Cooling Tower ( Cap:-1500Lph. )
    • Panner Pressing System 10 set ( 5Kg/Block )
    • Pre Cooling Vat ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • Cooling Vat Insulated ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • SS Panner Basket Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr )
    • SS Packing Table
    • Panner Cutting
    • Vacuum Packing Machine
    • SS Plunger 2 Set.
    • E.T.P Plant
    • Electrical Pannel ( Cable, Staters,Switchs,Cable Tray & Lights )
    • RO Plant
    • Insulation of Pipeline & Fittings
    • Packing Material Store
    • Lab Equipments
    • Milk Crates.
    • Milk Cans (SS/All)
    • Plungers
    • Raw Milk Storage Tank
    • Steam Boiler 100Kg


Working of Paneer Plant and its Features

Paneer is one of the famous dairy items used all over the world. Many dairy industries are available around the world to make the Paneer product. The Paneer Plant consists of different types of Paneer making equipment such as:

Milk Coagulation VAT equipment: For converting the milk from one state to another this equipment is used. In other words, Milk coagulation VAT equipment is used to transfer the liquid milk into a solid or semi-solid state. The equipment has different types of storage capacity with a respective price range.

Paneer Cooling System: In order to maintain the quality of the product Paneer produced from the machine is cooled by using this cooling system. Because of this temperature reducing process, the dairy item would not spoiled early. It acts as a refrigerator.

Paneer Pasteurizing System: This system is used to heat the Paneer to block the bacteria formation in the food item. This process is helpful to keep the paneer fresh and avoids the disease when consumed

Paneer Press Machine: The solid state of the milk is called Paneer. It is pressed by using this machine to provide the shape to the dairy item.

Paneer Cutting machine: This machine consists of blades in the equipment that automatically cuts the solid milk state called paneer with respective shape and size. Thus the process of coagulation, chilling, pasteurization, pressing and cutting the Paneer is performed in this Paneer Plant. These equipments are cost effective and are available in different storage sizes. The price of the equipment in the NK dairy equipment is less compared to other dairy equipment company.


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