Pasteurizer Plant or Milk Pasteurizer Plant

pressurizer unit
skid mounted pressurizer
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pressurizer unit
skid mounted pressurizer
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Milk Pasteurization Machine Manufacturers

  • Gentle product heating & cooling
  • Product savings with minimum product loss
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customizable Machinery
  • Environmental savings
  • Future proof design

This plant is a critical component of the food processing unit, and with the right equipment, you will have increased productivity. The plant we offer can be used to process all different kinds of milk-made products.

500LPH Milk Pasteurizer Plant Consist of Following Equipment:-

    • Raw Milk Pump ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Raw Milk Chiller ( Cap:-500Lph. )
    • Raw Milk Storage Tank ( Cap:-1000Ltr & Moc SS304-2mmm )
    • Raw Milk Pump ( Cap:-500Lph. )
      • Online Milk Pasteurizer ( Cap:-500Lph. )

    – Feed Balance Tank Inline Filter

    • – Hot water Battery, Holding Section
    • – Steam Control Valve & Flow diversion Valve
    • – Electric Control Pannels.
    • Pasteurization Milk Storage Tank ( Cap:-500Ltr & Moc SS304-2mmm )
    • Milk Pouch Packing Machine ( Filling Range:-200Ml to 1000Ml )
    • SS Tray for Waste Pouch
    • Cold Room ( Size 10’x10’x10′ ) With Ref Unit (Indoor & Outdoor)
    • Steam Boiler ( Cap:-100Kg )
    • – Wood Fired
    • – with water Softner
    • Chiled Water Generator. ( Cap:1500Lph. )
    • SS/MS/G.I PipeLine & Fittings
    • Insulation of Pipeline
    • Erection & Commissioning


Mini Milk Pasteurizer Plant and its Benefits

Pasteurizer Plant: The pasteurization processes in milk are treated with mild heat, less than 100 degree. The pasteurization process is widely used for processing the diary product. This pasteurization plant has the mini milk plant, mini diary plant, UHT processing plant.

Milk Pasteurization Plant: this plant is precisely using the quality machines with tested components and modern technology with international quality standards. This Pasteurizer Plant is available with technical Features.

  • Its performance is superior
  • Construction is very good
  • Finish standards

Mini Milk Plant: Mini milk processing unit consists of integrated system, with pasteurization, chilling, and homogenizations all rolled as compact sized mounted on a frame. It consumes less space and maintenance is less, total convenience is very good. Mini plant is fully automatic system with temperature sensors with automatic cut out.


  • Tank dump
  • Homogenizer
  • Storage tank
  • Filter and flow control values
  • Control panel
  • Commissioning & installation etc