Side-by-Side Parlor

Side-by-Side Parlor : 

Milking takes place up to 3 times each day on 12 months a year within the trendy farm trade. GEA side-by-side milking stalls have verified themselves and provided a swish, time-saving milking routine in medium-sized and enormous farm animal herds.

Nk Dairy Equipments provide all four Side-by-side parlor. Our team is highly skilled and experienced to install and upgrade dairy milking parlors. Please contact us to get the best quote according to your requirement. 

side-by-side milking parlor

Here we discuss all four types of milking parlor:

Dairy Parlor P7550 : 

Side-by-side milking parlor

With shorter milking times and quicker cow flow, you enjoy the combined benefits of Side-by-Side milking with the “Vertical Lift”. Due to its compact, versatile and expandable style, this milking parlor enables you to milk an outsized range of cows in an exceedingly} very little space. Its vertical raise exit gate with integrated assortment operate paves the manner towards even quicker cow flow – for additional economical milking and most turnout. GEA’s Dairy Parlor P7550 is absolutely designed for daily milk production with middle to large-sized herds.


Global 90i :

Side-by-side mkilking parlor.jpg

The Global 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor from GEA is implausibly convenient for milkers and will increase turnout considerably for medium-sized and enormous dairies. Its intelligent style and style of innovative solutions are setting the standards once it involves milking larger herds. And it isn’t simply the milkers who profit, it is the cows, too.

Magnum 90i :

side by side milking parlors

The magnum 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor specially developed for dairies that milk their herds twenty four hours each day. Its strong construction and low maintenance desires set the standards for responsibleness in giant dairy farm operations. And not solely that: This powerful system answer is additionally rather more snug and convenient for each the dairy cattle and therefore the cow.


  • Individual assortment with versatile front arm
  • MultiLine operative panel for low noise emissions and to safeguard the physics of the milking stalls
  • High turnout with front exit and intelligent style
  • Milking stalls may be opened separately and severally of 1 another as required

Magnum 90i Vertical Lift :

Side by side milking parlor

GEA may be a systems supplier for the agricultural trade and has designed the Magnum 90i VL Side-by-Side milking parlor particularly for big herds and 24-hour use. It may be accustomed milk even giant herds quickly and gently. Its key feature is its innovative front exit with Vertical-Lift, magnum will increase outturn considerably.


High turnout with Vertical-Lift and front exit
Suitable for varied breeds and sizes
Specially designed for big herds and 24-hour operation
Cows may be positioned exactly and discharged on an individual basis
Available in varied sizes with up to 2×60 milking stalls

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