Silo Tank

Silo Tank


NK Dairy Equipment has presented a modern solution for storage facilities of daily and other products by offering a high-grade Silo tank. These tanks can be used to keep bulk products safe. They are suitable for several companies, such as oil companies, and local food producers for storing huge amounts of any substance without any risk. Silos tanks can be also used in agriculture to store powders, grain, animal slurry, and fermented feed (known as silage).

What else? Many other industries related to cement, woodchips, sand, metal waste, sawdust, and food products use our Silos tanks. The tanks manufactured by NK Dairy Equipment are the best choice for long-term storage of different types of grains, cereals, and other materials, including cotton seeds, coffee beans, molasses, etc. while keeping their unhindered quality.

At NK Dairy Equipment, we build Silo tank using different types of quality materials to adhere to the requirements for the product that will be stored in them, and can also be refrigerated or coated for extra protection. These tanks are made in horizontal and vertical orientations. During the manufacturing process, our experts take care of every aspect, such as the whole project planning, project design, consulting, equipment installation, maintenance, commissioning, training, and after-sales services.

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Specific Features of Silo Tanks

  • Steel structure
  • Customized design
  • Safe storage of the product
  • Strict acceptance criteria
  • Packing semi-finished parts
  • On-site innovative installation
  • Resistance to weather conditions

Besides, the silo tank manufactured by us has perfect tightness and dedicated elements. They have advanced ventilation systems, and are fast emptying the contents. Technical specification with 3D design makes our tanks unique in the market.

Depending on requirements, we can design silo tanks with some added features, such as ladders, platforms, roof railing, sensor level to measure, dust filters, inspection hatch, safety plates, thermal insulation and heating system. These silo tanks are manufactured as per the world-class standards & specifications. They ensure excellent protection from rust and are developed to meet customer specifications. You can trust our products and services because we rank among the top silo tank manufacturers in India and offer a specialized after-sales service team. With the design for your application, our tanks will allow you to store products under the right conditions and maintain optimum quality.

Materials Used in Silo Tank   

At NK Dairy Equipment, we provide a wide range of silo tanks made from different types of stainless steel depending on customer requirements. Stainless steel is used because it is maintain-free and very strong. Cleaning a stainless steel tank is well possible because the material is highly resistant to different weather conditions and mechanical damage. Our tanks meet high standards and ensure the safety and durability of the product.

Besides steel, other materials being used are aluminum, wood, and even concrete. However, steel and aluminum are most common for most food-related purposes. The reason is, that metal fabricators can easily use sheets of metal for forming create a solid ring and then stack those rings together to form one continuous structure. Depending on the height and weight needs of the silo, aluminum or steel inside and outside of the silo also improves the structural integrity.

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