Tips to buy right khoya making machine for commercial purpose

Khoya is one of the base products for several Indian sweets and delicacies. The richness of its taste and flavor can make any dish taste good. In some places, it is also known as Mawa. It is a milk product that is obtained by cooking milk at low heat until it gets turned into milk solids. Khoya making is a slow process, and it takes a lot of time when prepared over ordinary gas burners. That is why many khoya makers or sweet shop owners prepare khoya using khoya making machine.

There are a variety of khoya making machines available in the market for commercial purposes. It makes khoya making the process easier and less time-consuming for sweet makers. However, it is not easy to decide which khoya making machine one should go for. That is why we are sharing a few tips in this blog to help you buy the best khoya making machine according to your requirement.

Size of the khoya-making machine – Always check the capacity or size of the khoya-making machines to ensure that you are buying the right size machine. You should look for the size according to the quantity of khoya you wish to prepare. If you have a large sweet shop or you are the sole supplier of khoya around the area, you can go for a large-size machine. But for a small sweet shop, going for a khoya-making machine of 7 to 10 liters capacity is enough.

Heating Technique – Khoya-making machines use several heating techniques, including gas heating, diesel heating, and electric heating. One should go for the heating technique that helps in offering even heating to prepare khoya properly. When the heat supplied to the khoya machine is uneven, it might burn the khoya or overcook or undercook it. One must ask the khoya-making machine’s manufacturer about the same before buying it.

Material of Khoya making machine – The quality of the khoya prepared may vary according to the kind of metal it is being prepared in. Though most khoya making machines are made of stainless steel, some have other metals mixed in them. It can degrade the quality of khoya; that is why one should look for pure stainless steel khoya making machines.

With the help of these tips, one can easily buy the right khoya making machine for their shop or other commercial purposes. If you are not aware of where to buy from, go for NK Dairy Equipment. You will find a variety of milk processing equipment with them, including khoya-making machines, milk plants, ghee plants, and many others. Get prime quality khoya making machine at the most reasonable prices.