UHT Plant

UHT Plant

UHT is the acronym for Ultra-high temperature processing. Also called ultra-pasteurization or ultra-heat treatment, UHT is a food processing technology used for sterilizing food by heating them above 135 °C (275 °F) to kill bacterial endospores – for 2 to 5 seconds.

NK Dairy Equipment is a leading company that is engaged in offering state-of-the-art UHT Plant for dairy and other liquid products. Typically, the aseptic process is a specialized manufacturing process that involves placing a sterilized product into a sterilized package that is then sealed under sterile conditions. In this specialized manufacturing process, food, pharmaceutical, or other contents are sterilized separately from packaging. Our plans are also optimum for thermal and aseptic treatment of products with portions of fibers and particles.

Our UHT Plants are technology-oriented and can be set up to meet different scale production requirements. Coming with international quality values, we strive to offer on-time delivery commitments of UHT Plant that feature long shelf life at room temperature, improved hygiene, elimination of unsold products, the profitable value of products, and reduced processing time. The products in our UHT Plant can be transported for long distances and stored under atmospheric temperature conditions.

Different Types of UHT Plants

At NK Dairy Equipment, we’re committed to offering different types of UHT plants.

  • UHT Plant, Type 1: This type of UHT plant works as per the indirect heating principle. It allows very high production safety. It has optimized flow conditions which produce good product quality and high efficiency with a heat recovery of up to 90%.
  • UHT Plant, Type P: The UHT Plant Type P is largely founded based on identical process technology. The benefits of this plant are that it allows higher efficiency and improved product quality with no requirement for expanding the heat exchange surface.
  • UHT Plant, Type D: In these UHT plants, the direct heating method is used. The technology used in the plant gives high product quality. The integral steam injector and a flash cooler deliver very short dwelling times in the temperature-intensive zones.

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Key Steps in a UHT Process

  • Preheating, without with a holding time
  • Homogenization (for indirect systems)
  • Heating to sterilization temperature
  • Holding at sterilization temperature
  • Initial cooling
  • Homogenization (alternative position for direct or indirect systems)
  • Final cooling

The powerful factors to choose the right UHT plant for dairy and other liquid products are product quality, production efficiency, and safety. As one of the most prominent UHT plants for dairy and other liquid products, NK Dairy Equipment constructs plants with different capacities ranging between 5,000 and 40,000 LPH for the treatment of low- and medium-viscosity products.

NK Dairy Equipment manufactures UHT plants using modern machinery, and the latest technology under the supervision of our team of experts. These plants have adjustable speeds of 200 ml-9000 pouches/hour, 500 ml-6000 pouches/hour, and 1000 ml-5000 pouches/hour. They are perfect for destroying micro organisms by heat treatment.